Conversion Tracking with Private Data


As an agency, Koch Comm is passionate about proving the value of digital marketing to their clients. One long-standing client, a financial services firm*, struggled to connect digital marketing platform analytics through conversion. As a result, they struggled to be able to confidently know the role digital marketing played in new client acquisition and how it amplified traditional advertising efforts.

The firm’s decision-makers were skeptical of increasing budget in digital advertising without knowing if and how well it was performing. The lack of revenue-focused reporting led to a distrust in digital marketing with the firm’s decision-makers.


With the support of OROS Analytics, our analytics partner, Koch Comm crafted a turnkey strategy that not only focused on results but protected the privacy of the client’s clientele. To begin this process, Koch Comm evaluated the client’s existing marketing channels and determined the most effective ways to measure each channel and meet the client’s needs. Koch Comm implemented tracking through Call Rail, vanity URLs and enhanced Google Analytics goals and conversions throughout the client’s website to further garner data.

Additionally, Koch Comm partnered with the client’s internal marketing team to create a shared system to marry offline and online efforts. The use of UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes and in-house data connections enabled the client to tie portfolio amounts through digitally generated leads – all while protecting the privacy of potential clients.


Koch Comm’s knowledge of marketing measurement, tools and strategy yielded a custom OROS dashboard visualizing the number of qualified leads that originated from marketing efforts. The value of associated portfolios once those leads converted were also passed to the client while continuing to protect the lead’s PII (Personal Identification Information). As privacy data continues to be a circulating topic in the industry, Koch Comm works with clients to show results while simultaneously protecting private and confidential data. The use of UTM codes and internal data-enabled Koch Comm to showcase results without the use of cookies or pixels while giving the client what they wanted: the ability to track measurable return on their marketing investment.

*Due to privacy, the client’s name has been redacted.