say it like "cook"

Welcome to Koch Comm. We’re a team guided by our values and driven by our passion to help. We’re PR and marketing experts, and we’ve established ourselves in Oklahoma as leaders in our industry. But more importantly, we’re daring collaborators and strategic guides focused on reaching our clients’ goals.

our team

Our expertise spans industries and disciplines, and over the last 15+ years, we’ve assembled PR practitioners, strategists, writers, graphic designers and other pros who are the best of the best.


our values

Our core values aren’t just lofty words on our website or on a wall. Through a rigorous process, our entire team gave their input on what’s important to us, and we commit each day to living by the high standard we’ve set for ourselves.

Accountability • Adaptability • Great Communication • Innovation • Passion • Positivity • Problem Solving • Self Awareness • Team Work • Technical Excellence

our culture

Vetted by our core values, every Koch Comm team member has something exciting to offer and no two days at the office are alike. We thrive on coffee and creative collaboration, with a dose of good laughs along the way.