we guide our clients to
their true north

TRUE NORTH /tro͞o nôrTH/ A fixed point to calibrate your brand and the strategies that will get you there.

True north isn’t about always going north. Regardless of the service, we take the same approach of trust and collaboration to develop effective strategies for measurable results. We identify where you are, where you want to go and we align all our efforts to support your journey.

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  • we start with learning

    We listen first. In a discovery meeting (or two), we’ll learn about your goals, uncover key strengths and opportunities for your brand, and we’ll get to know who you are as an organization. We’ll draw out important information from stakeholders, learn about your business goals, company culture and your target audiences, all with the aim of getting you where you want to go.

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  • we identify true north

    Every client’s true north is unique. We identify the challenges you face, the goals you want to reach, the strategies to get there and how to measure progress. Every strategy, tactic and optimization is aligned with true north to ensure our efforts make measurable progress.

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  • we define strategy

    Identifying true north empowers our team to create a tailored strategy - whether it's for marketing and advertising, branding and positioning, public relations or a website. Our team will keep your goals at the forefront, identifying strategies and tactics to ensure we're meeting your organization's needs. We plan how to collect data and define a measurement strategy upfront, so marketing KPIs align with business KPIs.

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  • we execute

    Our team does great work. We execute with strategy and optimization at the forefront – because reporting and adjusting should happen during a campaign in real time. We are sincerely committed to technical excellence, creativity and our clients in all of our work.

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We think about
measurement differently

We measure real results, not just marketing activity. Our reporting aligns with your marketing and business goals and empowers us (your team and the Koch Comm team) to make data-driven decisions. We measure, adjust strategy, make recommendations and innovate. Because in the end – it’s about getting your organization where you want to be.

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