COOP Returns to OKC’S Core

COOP Ale Works is a craft brewery based in Oklahoma City, dedicated to brewing full-flavored beers with the greatest attention to quality. Since 2009, COOP has created a core lineup of six year-round canned beers in addition to four seasonal canned beers. Quarterly, COOP releases limited quantities of various beers from its barrel-aged Territorial Reserve series and DNR Cask-It series. COOP is dedicated to serving the community and providing at least one beer in their lineup for every beer drinker.


COOP was outgrowing its facilities in southwest Oklahoma City and had been searching for a new facility that would not only be able to handle larger production but also be more centrally-located and provide opportunities to diversify their revenue. A move was particularly important with new Oklahoma state alcohol laws being enacted, allowing them to grow their distribution and reach within the state and region.

COOP identified the 23rd Street Armory as a potential location and began negotiations with the state of Oklahoma through an RFP process, where their proposal was accepted.  The proposal included a full transformation of the facility with plans to create a state-of-the-art barrel production facility, full-service restaurant and boutique hotel. Once the proposal was accepted, COOP knew there would be a high amount of interest locally and regionally, so they wanted to take advantage of the story to grow their brand awareness.

The 23rd Street National Guard Armory, built in 1935 through the Works Progress Administration, was once home to the 45th Infantry and the Oklahoma National Guard. The prominent location will tie the State Capitol with the Uptown 23rd Street District for the first time with a multi-use facility. COOP’s primary challenge was the huge investment would require growing awareness beyond its current base and reaching a new target audience.


COOP approached Koch Comm with ample time to walk the business and project through the discovery, strategy and development process. This process was essential in creating a unique message for the client that would grab media and public attention. The process began with a meeting to learn more about COOP’s ultimate goals with the project. Koch Comm then built an integrated social media and public relations strategy. This strategy included a clear vision of COOP’s marketing history, recommendations on brand tone, voice, visuals and tactics for implementing a strong media presence.

Once it was confirmed COOP won the project and an announcement date had been set, Koch Comm worked with key stakeholders within the state agency selling the property to begin media outreach. The media outreach did not include announcing that COOP had won, rather Koch used the element of surprise with media to entice them to attend the event. Koch Comm worked quickly to get media at the event with a short turnaround window.

Additionally, Koch Comm worked with COOP to put together a run of show, planned interior tours for media and drafted talking points for each media representative to ensure COOP’s story was at the forefront. The entire event was intentionally organized to ensure it stayed on track with timing and messaging.

During the event, Koch Comm documented which key media outlets were in attendance and which ones weren’t to ensure the story reached every local, state, regional and industry media outlet. This included following up after the event to set up additional interviews and tours for those outlets who were unable to attend the event. Koch Comm continued outreach weeks after the event to ensure the story had broad reach and success.


Koch Comm’s efforts resulted in an effective announcement campaign to engage the media successfully to achieve the client’s goals. Results from all broadcast, online and print channels included:

  • Total earned media – Over $260,000
  • Total media mentions – 137
  • Total impressions – Over 25,000,000