Chickasaw Country, a tourism marketing organization, promotes attractions, businesses and restaurants within the Chickasaw Nation’s boundaries, including 13 counties in south-central Oklahoma.


Chickasaw Country sought to increase awareness of local, unique restaurants throughout
the Chickasaw Nation’s large boundaries. By educating the drivable market about the interesting flavors that Chickasaw Country offers, they hoped people would be encouraged
to visit featured restaurants, therefore increasing tourism.


To encourage visits to locally owned and unique restaurants throughout Chickasaw Country, Koch Communications employs an integrated public relations and digital media strategy in the Flavors of Chickasaw Country campaign. Flavors of Chickasaw Country features restaurants’ interesting stories, quality food and/or tourism locations.

We developed a digital media strategy that utilizes video, newsletters, blogs and social media to increase awareness of the featured restaurants. The variety of content allows high frequency for engagement with the Flavors of Chickasaw Country campaign on social media. Koch Comm seeks to continually increase Chickasaw Country’s social media audience and build a digital media community enthusiastic about conversations regarding food and local dining.

Our public relations strategy hinges on our ability to build a community in support of Chickasaw Country in south-central Oklahoma. Positioning Chickasaw Country as a trusted source of tourism information among target audiences further establishes Chickasaw Country as a champion of local businesses within south-central Oklahoma. The content delivered, both digital and print, through Flavors of Chickasaw Country, seeks to increase awareness of Chickasaw Country among local community members.


The Koch Communications team coordinates public relations and digital media strategy, coverage in newspapers, a video series, newsletters, blogs and social media for the Flavors of Chickasaw Country campaign. The campaign is an ongoing success, and results include:

• Earned media coverage of one story per video shoot, averaging $781.45 in earned media per video shoot
• An average of 8,317 video views
• An average of 14.6% open rate per newsletter where Flavors of Chickasaw Country was featured
• An average of 364 blog views 60 days after the blog is published
• An average of 46,874 reach on Facebook
• An average of 10,882 impressions per Twitter advertising
• Won 2016 Award of Merit at the AMAOKC Marketini Awards