OROS Analytics

case study

OROS Analytics redefines the value of marketing through a human-centric approach to data collection and processing practices. Koch Comm was tasked with developing the OROS brand from an idea to a reality.

Naming • Branding • Website • Social


Koch Comm was approached in 2019 to help name and brand a new company focused on showing true marketing ROI through a human-centric approach to marketing data unification, visualization and insights. Leaning into this challenge, Koch Comm first identified a name. OROS – the term for mountain in ancient Greek – capitalizes on the imagery of peaks, valleys and wayfinding to tell the story of navigation and overcoming challenges. Koch Comm took that identity to develop visual and verbal guidelines for positioning and branding the client.


Koch Comm’s discovery process allowed the team to understand and visualize the OROS brand, creating a logo that speaks to the client’s identity within the marketing industry and among technology companies. By emphasizing the small “o” in the logo, the team then developed an entire set of iconography to be used on various platforms, from the website to digital media efforts.


Keeping in line with the idea of clear, human-centered collateral, Koch Comm developed a simple color palette featuring a variation of greens and greyscale for all marketing materials, and an expanded tertiary color palette for impactful graphing applications.



To help introduce the OROS platform and its objectives to both interested peers and potential clients, Koch Comm scripted, directed and produced a launch video. The video helped identify pain points for potential clients and how OROS can help alleviate the struggle of reporting on marketing data.



With the visual and verbal brand established, Koch Comm then dove into developing a responsive, mobile-first website for OROS. The objective of this website was to grow the OROS brand within the region and optimize its digital footprint through a clear account of what OROS can do for a potential client. Additionally, the website needed to serve as a starting point for each current client’s analytics dashboard. The results were award-winning, earning gold medals at the 2020 Addy Awards for B-to-B Website and Digital Creative Responsive Design.


In an effort to get the OROS brand into the community, Koch Comm designed a variety of branded premium items including insulated coffee mugs, t-shirts, stationery, stickers and business cards.


With clear and consistent brand standards, Koch Comm focused on creating a database of soft, matte photography featuring human-focused shots of the OROS team at work in an effort to strengthen the relationship with those already familiar with the brand and its services.


The illustration style developed for OROS allows for flexibility in presentation and offers a change of pace from standard stock image photography. By utilizing a hand drawn illustration style, the team can showcase OROS’ human element in an unexpected way.

To further introduce the idea of human guides, Koch Comm created hand drawn motion illustrations.