Consistency in Branding Blog

Importance of Consistency in Branding and Design

Design consistency isn’t just important for retention. It builds immediate trust between you and your prospects.

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Building a website - a team sport

Building Your Website: A Team Sport

Websites touch every aspect of business, so who should foot the bill? Our short answer: everyone should.

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Camera Quick Tips Graphic with Floral

10 Tips: Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Practical steps you can take to becoming a photography pro.

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Brand Language Consistency Koch Comm

Speaking Your Brand’s Language

To build a brand that endures, stop thinking of your logo or graphics in a vacuum; it doesn’t exist that way. Think about your brand as its own language.

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Why Typography is important

Why Typography is Important

Fonts, typeset and typography; what’s the difference? Quite a bit, actually. Avoid the monumental mistake of not placing importance on how your words are presented.

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