Your Brand is More Than a Logo

Branding can seem like a daunting task, but it’s one of our favorite ways to get to know our clients and their “why.”

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Metamorphosis process

The Metamorphosis of Koch Comm

Take a ride through the evolution of Koch Comm over the last 15 years with our founder, Kym Koch-Thompson.

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Space Woman - How to Find and Maintain Inspiration

To Inspiration and Beyond

Creativity is something that can be coaxed, but not forced, and it’s as much a state of mind as something innate. When you search for inspiration, you fuel your creativity.

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KC Focus Photography Challenge

Why We #KCFocus

You don’t need to be a pro photographer with a $5,000 camera to take a photo that stands out among the masses.

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Marketers need this soft skill... empathy.

Peel Back the Layers With This Soft Skill

The deeper the level of empathy a marketer has for the audience, the more successful the message will be. Always.

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