A Digital Love Story

At Koch Comm, we love what we do and we’re not afraid to show it.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked our team to share what they love about digital media. From Instagram to Tableau, there’s plenty of love to go around.

Highly targeted and uncannily relevant social ads are popular and have everyone swooning over and over. Marek Cornett (Social Media Strategist and Account Executive, Digital), Ryan Tomlinson (Account Executive, Digital), Gina Campbell (Business Development and Traffic Manager) and Jen Davidson (Graphic Designer) share some of their favorite things about social media:

Facebook advertising is great because it allows us to reach a very targeted audience with a minimal budget. All the while, we can measure direct results from our efforts. – Marek

I really enjoy Twitter because of the real-time marketing opportunities and the ability to jump into certain conversations that you might not normally be a part of. – Ryan

I enjoy LinkedIn because it gives you the ability to keep up with your friends/acquaintances’ career paths, share knowledge across multiple industries and hear about developments and big announcements without the distraction of personal updates. I love personal updates on other social media sites, but it is nice to have a place where I can stay in the business mind-set. – Gina

Being a designer, my love letter would be to Instagram. I love being able to see design inspiration and the latest work from my peers as well as my heroes. And with the newest addition of collections, it’s even better. – Jen

We’re also love-struck for quality engagement. Engagement is key to holding the interest of an audience and sustaining a relationship with a community. Having the ability to share relevant information to specific audiences is a truly beautiful thing. Jared Gallagher (Account Executive, Digital and Travel Blogger) and Jentry Miller (Content Marketing Manager) share what they love about user engagement:

I’m a big fan of user engagement. There’s no better feeling than turning a fan into an advocate through personal interactions. – Jared G.

I think the biggest strides in digital advertising come from being able to target relevant messaging to in market audiences based on online behaviors and tendencies. We play the guessing game a lot less often with our efforts. And on the flip side, as someone being served ads, I would much rather see things I am interested in so I don’t mind it! From an advertising standpoint, I also appreciate the information we can get from some partners if tools are implemented correctly to show how our efforts influenced conversion even without the physical click. – Jentry

And just like in any relationship, a good counseling session never hurt anyone. In digital marketing, that’s the role of reporting. Understanding yourself is the foundation of success and lets you know what you’re doing right and what you can improve. It takes work, but it’s well worth it. Cara Gray (Marketing Analytics Manager), Ryan Tomlinson (Account Executive, Digital) and Jared Miller (Interactive Media Director) share about reporting:

Tableau! Data visualization in Tableau (our data visualization program) makes me happy but what really makes my heart flutter is knowing that it’s my strategy and vision and I’m empowered to bring it to life through this tool. Also, I like that there’s no limit to how cool you can make a report with this thing. You can just keep going and going and going. – Cara

Google Analytics is lit! I enjoy it because I can see where all of our website traffic is coming from, and more importantly, how much that traffic is spending on the site (what up, ROI!). Also, using the different metrics to see trends with website visitors is interesting. – Ryan

Being able to use data to talk with people when, where and how they want to be talked to. – Jared M.

We have so much to love! Have something you love about digital media? Share it with us on Twitter!