#Hashout: Going Green

Koch Communications continues its #HashOut social media series with Going Green, at 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 12.


#HashOut is a monthly social media gathering, and this month will focus on the greener side of OKC. By bringing the gardening, landscaping and farm-to-table experts “to the table,” we hope to provide resources for people who are looking to begin planting this spring and keep things growing through Oklahoma’s long, hot summer. Examples of questions we plan to ask include: What’s your reason for wanting to start a garden or to take care of the garden you already have? What are the best resources around the metro to help get your gardens growing?


4 – 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 12 on Twitter. Follow @kochcomm and use the #HashOut hashtag.


#HashOut, an hour-long Twitter event, engages experts and active social media users in a wide-ranging discussion on the issues surrounding one major subject. #HashOut presents these subjects in an open forum to elicit supportive discussions and positive outcomes.


Gardening (flower and vegetable) experts; local nurseries and garden centers; anyone who is looking to increase their gardening expertise; farm-to-table restaurants and home cooks!

We host #HashOut once a month. To see the summary of this month’s conversation, see our twitter moment below.