Re-Introducing #HASHOUT

We had some pretty amazing success with our #StayKD #HashOut in June. It was so exciting to get to #HashOut with you guys that we’ve decided to bring it back into a regular rotation. For those of you who are new to #HashOut, we wanted to catch you up on what to expect.

Here’s the gist: Once a month, we’ll host a Twitter chat using the hashtag #HashOut. A Koch Comm team member will facilitate a discussion with business owners, gallery managers, coffee drinkers, art aficionados, baristas, do-gooders and drag racers (if we can catch them). We love our community, and this digital event is intended to be a community conversation about important and interesting topics. It’s a way to bring people together to learn new things or maybe even be a part of important changes.

At this point, the discussion topics are wide open, as is the universe of people we hope to chat with. We will give you a timely heads up about the topics, and we’ll ask the questions during the chat. But everyone is invited to join in. We ask that you don’t cuss, disparage or send dirty photos. We promise we won’t do that either.

No business or interviewee is paid to be on the chat, nor is anyone paying Koch Comm to be interviewed. If or when we chat with a client, family member or movie-star crush of anyone who works at Koch Comm (there may or may not have been a request for Zach Morris…ahem…you know who you are), we will let you know. All you have to do is join us in the conversation and bring a friend – or two!


We host #HashOut once a month. Get the digest from the conversation, and hear about upcoming topics so you can participate. Sign up in the sidebar.