The Metamorphosis of Koch Comm

In 2005, Koch Comm was a one-woman PR shop and Facebook was only for ivy-league college students. Take a ride through the evolution of Koch Comm over the last 15 years with our founder, Kym Koch-Thompson.

Fifteen years into this enterprise we call Koch Comm. Fifteen years of rapid and constant change, growth, adaptation and evolution. Then, of course, there is this year, which cannot be adequately described in one sentence for a PG audience.

But even after the oftentimes gut-wrenching personal and business challenges felt throughout 2020, we are still here and primed for the next summit!

All things considered, fifteen years seemed to us like the right time to reimagine how we present Koch Comm to our clients and prospective clients. So, we revisited our mark and our message to tell a truer story of who we are now and what kind of company we’ve become – we wanted to make sure we captured all of the changes, the growth and evolution.

Taking a look back.

In the past 15 years, among other accomplishments, we:

  • built and managed one of the largest social media programs in the state;
  • managed one of the larger and most advanced data-driven email and automation programs in the state (this is according to HubSpot with whom we partner);
  • built a new concept and company for marketing analytics; OROS provides real-time marketing intel and analytics to agencies and marketers across the country;
  • introduced Design Thinking principles to our internal processes, which reinforces collaboration and a high-level of creative thinking driven by an empathetic approach to research, creative and marketing; and,
  • designed an internal employee-defined company culture to attract the team and clients we want and those who help us each day to be the firm we aspire to be. 

We’ve rarely highlighted these accomplishments, preferring that our client successes serve as our calling card. Consequently, everyone – even those clients who know us best – may not know our full capabilities. And, it seems a disservice to our committed and talented people to not share with you the creativity, strategy and measurement mindedness of the Koch Comm team.  

Yes, we do what agencies do. We buy digital ads and craft visual identities. We build responsive websites and run targeted email programs. But we do it differently.

Everything we produce is rooted in strategy and driven by measurement. If it isn’t going to get you to your goal, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is or how many awards it wins.

We invite you to follow along.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be revealing more of our reimagined brand. You will see us mentioning your true north, a symbolic reference to the unique coordinates of each client’s challenges, goals, strategy and measurement. You will see social ads highlighting our new logo design featuring a Polaris; that Polaris is a symbol of the strategy and guidance we offer clients.

After so many months, I am excited to be sharing our new, fresh and different look. I’m excited for you to see what we’ve become and what we’ve built these past fifteen years – because to me, it feels like we are finally sharing a fuller picture of who we’ve always been. Daring Collaborators. Strategic Guides.

If you don’t already, we invite you to follow us on social media to be a part of our journey as we unveil our new look.